Book Review – Ask Me Anything by Molly E Lee


I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

But Wilmont Academy’s been living in the Dark Ages when it comes to sex ed, and someone had to take matters into her own hands. Well, I’m a kickass coder, so I created a totally anonymous, totally untraceable blog where teens can come to get real, honest, nothing-is-off-limits sex advice.

And holy hell, the site went viral overnight. Who knew this school was so hard up.

Now the school administration is on a war path to shut me down, and they have Dean—my coding crush—hot on my trail. If he discovers my secret, I could lose his trust forever. And thousands of teens who need real advice won’t have anyone to turn to.

Ask me anything…except how to make things right.


My Review
4 out of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I don’t know anything at all about coding, but this book was still very interesting to me and didn’t go over my head or anything. If anything, it made me more interested in learning about coding.

I really liked the idea behind the blog, Ask Me Anything. It was awesome that, if a question was asked that Amber wasn’t sure about, she did her research and then asked her parents questions to confirm what she’d found in her research. Amber really took a lot of time and care into helping her fellow students so that was really nice to see.

A lot of different topics were covered in this book that I think were really well written and free of judgement.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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