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Nico had warned them. Going through the House of Hades would stir the demigods’ worst memories. Their ghosts would become restless. Nico may actually become a ghost if he has to shadow-travel with Reyna and Coach Hedge one more time. But that might be better than the alternative: allowing someone else to die, as Hades foretold.

Jason’s ghost is his mother, who abandoned him when he was little. He may not know how he is going to prove himself as a leader, but he does know that he will not break promises like she did. He will complete his line of the prophecy: To storm or fire the world must fall.

Reyna fears the ghosts of her ancestors, who radiate anger. But she can’t allow them to distract her from getting the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood before war breaks out between the Romans and Greeks. Will she have enough strength to succeed, especially with a deadly hunter on her trail?

Leo fears that his plan won’t work, that his friends might interfere. But there is no other way. All of them know that one of the Seven has to die in order to defeat Gaea, the Earth Mother.

Piper must learn to five herself over to fear. Only then will she be able to do her part at the end: utter a single word.

Heroes, gods, and monsters all have a role to play in the climactic fulfillment of the prophecy in The Blood of Olympus, the electrifying finale of the best-selling Heroes of Olympus series.

My Review:
5 out of 5 stars

I have so many mixed emotions right now. I cried so many times while nearing the end of this book. I cried out of happiness, anger, and sadness. My heart just about stopped beating when…well, if you’ve read this book, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I knew it was coming but my heart just couldn’t take it. It gutted me and I started bawling like a baby.

I’ll go ahead and say this. Festus is an angel baby unicorn. Festus is BAE. Festus is the MVP. That beautiful, beautiful, precious dragon. <3 <3 <3 Festus saved my other baby. Oh, my heart! That’s another spot where I burst into tears. It was tears of happiness though and just so much love.

I can’t believe this series has come to an end. I haven’t been this invested and emotionally connected with a group of friends since the Harry Potter series. I forgot how I felt when the Harry Potter series ended, but this feeling that comes with the end of the Heroes of Olympus is bringing it all back to me. I’m a little sad at them not all staying together, but I am happy with the ending that everyone got.

The demigods grew even more throughout this book and I’m so proud of them all. I’m actually most impressed with Nico. The growth he showed throughout this book was amazing and I love him so much. He deserves friendship and a happy ending of his own. I’m also really happy with Reyna’s growth. I wasn’t sure how I felt about her throughout the series, but she really showed a lot of growth in this book and I am glad that she was part of the team.

The action started on the very first page. I read this book in almost one day. The only reason I stopped was because my vision was getting blurry and my eyes were starting to hurt. Otherwise, I would have kept reading. So many things happen in this book and the action never stops. It really keeps you locked into the story. I was desperate to see how everything was going to come together and end.

The only thing that bothered me with this book was how quickly Gaea was defeated once she was awake. It seemed like a really fast resolution for something that had been building up for so long.

That’s just a small detail though compared with my overall feelings for this series. Like I said, I haven’t come to care for a group of characters like this since the Harry Potter series and oh my gosh, I will never forget these characters. The love, loyalty, and friendship displayed in this group is just amazing.

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  1. I love these books! I’ve been reading them to my son, too. I’ve enjoyed reading about the two different camps and the introduction of new characters. They’ve all been amazing!!

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