Book Review – Neat by Kandi Steiner

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My life is over.

I swore I would never work at the whiskey distillery with my last name on it, that I would never be a part of my father’s legacy. But when I graduated with my art degree and realized there were no jobs, the devil appeared, and I sold my soul, agreeing to work in the family business if he’d give me the art studio I’d always dreamed of.

It can’t be that bad, I thought.

Until I realized my new boss was Logan Becker.

The Becker brothers have a reputation for being trouble, and since I love trouble, it’s no surprise to me that I’m infatuated by that forbidden fruit the first day I walk into the distillery. That lean, whiskey-eyed, too-hot-for-his-own-good man hates me — and I can’t blame him. His family has been at war with mine for decades, and for good reason.

The Beckers and the Scooters are the Montagues and Capulets of Stratford, Tennessee.

But if he’s Romeo, and I’m Juliet? Well… we all know how that story ends — and for that reason, I tell myself to steer clear.

Because if my father finds out I’m falling for Logan Becker, my life actually will be over.

And Logan’s will be, too.


My Review
4 out of 5 stars

Wow, this was a really emotional book! There was a lot of angst that had me clutching my chest at times. I’ve never really read a story with Romeo and Juliet vibes, so it was interesting to feel all of those emotions along with Mallory and Logan. I’ll tell you though… I didn’t really care for Mallory’s father to begin with from what I saw of him in the previous book, but this book really made me hate him.

I really enjoyed getting to know Logan more during this book. He definitely spoke to my nerdy, organization loving heart! He is so incredibly sweet. I also liked Mallory as well. I loved that she is so spunky and feisty. She does her own thing and doesn’t care. I loved how she owned up to things when she needed to apologize.

A new discovery pushed the mystery storyline a little further during this book and I am dying to know how that is all going to to turn out. I can’t wait to read Mikey’s (Michael) book next and get to know him better. My heart is hurting for him right now so I hope he is able to get a happy ending of his own.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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